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Amanda interviewed in B.S zine # 33
missy_b wrote in ru_amanda
Issue 33 of the UK’s finest, and only fake-fur covered (!) rock'n'roll zine Bubblegum Slut is out now and includes an in-depth interview with Amanda Palmer, conducted in London last year and covering just about every aspect of her first solo record and related book with Neil Gaiman.

Full contents and ordering info



Justin Hawkins
The Damned
Amanda Palmer
The Glitterati
Jesse Malin
Backyard Babies
Ruby Throat
(Katie Jane Garside - QueenAdreena)
Britny Fox
Danko Jones
The London Cowboys
Steel Panther
(formerly Metal Skool)
Brijitte West
Maple Bee
Bernie Dexter
- the pin-up queen's style tips and first fashion range

The Nine Lives Of The Stray Cats
- in-depth retrospective on the rockabilly revivalists, following their farewell tour last autumn
Chinese Democracy - a full appraisal of the long-awaited Guns 'n' Roses release, plus the UK launch party at London's Paradise City club, and Warrior Soul providing a track-by-track guide to their controversial limited edition album of the same name!
Underrated Albums - Bubblegum Slut's writers nominate the records that every home should have, but probably doesn't.
Alan Wilson's Western Star Studios - Sharks man Alan Wilson on the little slice of rockabilly heaven in the South West that he calls Western Star Studios.
Songs To Spank To - on reading in an all-together more mainstream publication that paramedics reckon the Bee Gees' 'Stayin' Alive' is the best song to kick start a heart to (it's all in the rhythm, apparently) we got to wondering what music other professionals find helps them to best do their job. And so struck upon a great excuse to quiz a group of pro-dominatrix’s…
Songs From A Wasted Youth : These Animal Men
LondonEdge Feb 09 - the UK's largest fringe fashion showcase turns 10!

And more than 100 gig, CD, book & dvd reviews, all wrapped up in a full colour cover, featuring more exclusive Sumpdoggy artwork and Bubblegum Slut’s trademark fake-fur heart!

Including tracks from The Adjusters, Fight The Empire, Rock 'n' Roll Monkey & The Robots, The Barbarellatones (feat. Nina Hagen!), Honeygun, Komodo Wagon, A Sailor's Grave, The Drowners, Harlots Of Beyond, Bellanova, Hundred Million Martians (feat. Hanoi Rocks' Mike Monroe!), Cream Pie, Mongrel, Diva Suicide & Johnny Zhivago.

Copies can be ordered via PayPal from our MySpace for £2.40 including UK postage, or £3.00 R.O.W. Find PayPal buttons in the ‘About Me’ section at;
Alternatively cheques and postal orders can be made payable to ‘A. Bateman’ at 27 Stores Lane, Tiptree, Essex, CO5 0LH (UK orders only)


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