Amanda interviewed in B.S zine # 33
Issue 33 of the UK’s finest, and only fake-fur covered (!) rock'n'roll zine Bubblegum Slut is out now and includes an in-depth interview with Amanda Palmer, conducted in London last year and covering just about every aspect of her first solo record and related book with Neil Gaiman.

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Who Killed Amanda Palmer (lyrics)
Another Year :

I tried to fall in it again
My friends took bets and disappeared
They mime their sighing violins
I think I'll wait another year

I want my chest pressed to your chest
My nervous systems interfere
Ten or eleven months at best
I think I'll wait another year

This weather turns my tricks to rust
I am a lousy engineer
The winter makes things hard enough
I think I'll wait another year

Plus I'm only 26 years old
My grandma died in '83
That's lots of time if I don't smoke
I think I'll wait another year

I'm not as callous as you think
I barely breathe when you are near
It's not as bad when I don't drink
I think I'll wait another year

I have my new Bill Hicks CD
I have my friends and my career
I'm getting smaller by degrees
You said you'd help me disappear
But that could take forever
I think I'll wait another year

It'll be the best year ever
I think I'll wait another year
Can't we just wait together
You bring the smokes
I'll bring the beer
I think I'll wait another year

* * *

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Но всё на заморском :)

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С открытием!
всем дривет!
И вот почему лучше всего видео Аманды смотреть вот по этой ссылке

но и здесь надо-надо что-то оставить
выложу в том порядке, в котором песни идут в альбоме

Runs in the Family


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